Invest Singapore 2020 - Partners
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As of 29 October 2020 at 2:00pm.
Time Topic Speakers
09:00 Welcome to Invest Singapore 2020 Victoria Ong, Emcee/Moderator
09:05 Introduction Michael Syn, Head of Equities, Singapore Exchange
09:10 Keynote Speech Roland Tan, Asst. Director, GovTech
09:30 How will the world drive Singapore's economy?

Jamus Lim, Assoc Professor of Economics, ESSEC Business School
Song Seng Wun, Director, CIMB Private Banking
Lim Say Boon, Chief Investment Strategist, CGS-CIMB

10:15 New trends in the REITs sector Lock Mun Yee, Analyst, CGS-CIMB
Nupur Joshi, CEO, REITAS
Paul Tham, CEO Keppel REIT
11:00 Is the rubber glove industry boom set to continue in 2021? Dr. S. Supramaniam, President, MARGMA
Ong Khang Chuen, Analyst, CGS-CIMB
11:30 Digital transformation: The New Normal

Vincent Fernando, Managing Director, Zero One
Richard Koh, Founder & CEO, M-DAQ
Jeremy Tan, Founder & CEO, Liquid Group and Co-Founder, Xnap Network

12:00 Navigating Covid-19: A Cross-Sector Outlook Geoff Howie, Market Strategist, Singapore Exchange
Lim Say Boon, Chief Investment Strategist, CGS-CIMB
12:45 Closing & Exclusive Promotion:
Buy Singapore Stocks at Zero Commission
Carol Fong, Group CEO, CGS-CIMB


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Promo Name: Buy Singapore Stocks at Zero Brokerage
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