About IWD
Unconscious biases manifest in different ways and have varying consequences. Some biases arise from judging people’s appearances, some are derived from preconceived notions. And when we bring these unconscious biases to the workplace, stereotypes are perpetuated, and decision making is affected.
See how CGS-CIMB is taking action to #BreakTheBias:
"While we cannot change the way other people behave, we’re responsible for our own thoughts and actions. Let’s consciously break our biases around gender and lead by example."
- Malcolm Koo, Deputy CEO
"Perpetuating stereotypes affects decision making and makes it hard for women to get ahead. When we see people for who they are, we can build a fair and equal world where everyone is free to thrive. Together, let’s break the bias around gender on International Women’s Day and beyond."

- Koh Yee Sze, Head of Multi Product Sales

"You and I can challenge inequalities and gender biases in the workplace. Together, we can achieve greater impact in empowering valuable contributions from everyone. Let’s break the bias."

- Clement Yeong, Administration Dept

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