Brought to you by CGS-CIMB Securities Singapore, “Learn From the Pros” is a financial education series where experts from different professions in the financial industry share their investing and trading knowledge and experiences. It is an opportunity to learn from market practitioners on how we all can be better investors and traders.



The Pros



Kon How is often invited to share his views on the market and provide trading insights with the industry practitioners and retail investors.

He specializes in the study of behavioural science or market psychology in identifying macrotrend and forensic price behaviour. He is an expert in technical analysis, investor’s profiling, risk management and investing strategies.

Seng Foo is a veteran in the stockbroking industry. He is an avid investor and trader, specialising in finding and trading stocks which have the potential to achieve superior returns.

Using his signature SuperStocks methodology, he has traded and invested profitably through a few bull and bear market cycles. 


Market Talk by Wong Kon How

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